Hydro Airdrop- Claim Free $HDRO Tokens 

If you are in the crypto trading industry, you must be aware of the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. New concepts are being introduced in the crypto world every now and then. One latest development of the crypto market space is the hydro airdrop. If you have come to this page to know more about it, then continue reading this post till last to get clear insights on the same.

The $HDRO airdrop is actually an event that comes with an opportunity to receive complimentary tokens, especially for those who are already holding $HDRO. During this event, the token holders are appreciated for their support of the mechanism. During the Hydro Airdrop event, the participants are subject to get governance tokens as rewards.

There are three phases of the Hydro Protocol Airdrop event and the same shall be discussed in the section to follow.

A Glance At the Hydro Airdrop Protocol Launch Event

Below we have done an in-depth analysis of three phases in which the Hydro Airdrop launch event will take place. This analysis will give you an in-depth idea of the eligibility criteria, rewards, and other details. So, check out the details below to stay informed:

Phase 1- Testnet Airdrop

This is the first phase of the Hydro Protocol finance event where the eligibility criteria for the participants is that they should belong to the category Fall 2023 testnet. These participants are rewarded based on their standing on the leaderboard. This phase shall be summed by a thank you note to the early members of the Hydro Airdrop community.

Phase 2- $INJ Stakers on Injective Validators

To participate in phase 2 of the airdrop event, the $INJ Stakers must have participated on 04 January 2024 at block height 56,403,600 and these participants shall be rewarded based on their staking amount and duration. Also note that there is a MAX cap for the same and all the $HDRO that are not claimed from Phase 2 will then be added to the farming airdrop of Phase 3. To know more, you can go to the https://hydroprotocol.finance/.

Phase 3- Early Access Farming

The eligibility criteria to take part in Phase 3 of the Hydro AirDrop is that anyone who is staking $INJ with Hydro can take part in this event. During this phase, the huge token allocation for a 4-week boost period will be done. The rewards will be based on the more $HDRO you stake and the sooner you do it.

Post Phase 3- Token Genesis Event (TGE)

In case you have been wondering what will happen after Phase 3 of the event, then you need to note that the HDRO token will launch on Injective’s Mito Finance.

Let’s take a glance at what Hydro Protocol airdrop

Talking about the hydro project, we can say that it is an open-source blockchain project that works towards simplifying blockchain adoption by involving passionate smart contracts and product development specialists.

The main vision why hydro came into existence was to give life to a new global decentralized economy. This helps you to incorporate decentralized applications in B2B and P2P payments, Point of Sale, Lending, Savings, Credit, and Tokenization.

How do you take part in Hydro Airdrop?

The step-by-step guide that will allow you to take part in the Hydro Airdrop launch event has been given below so that you can take part in it without further ado:

  1. Visit https://app.hydroprotocol.finance/airdrop from your PC
  2. Following this, you should select the option referred to as “Enter Now”
  3. Complete the registration by filling up the “Sign Up” form
  4. Then you must go to your email box to verify your email address
  5. Thereafter, you must create an account for Liquid
  6. Now, verify your email one more time and then take the necessary actions to complete the KYC
  7. This will make you eligible for all the rewards
  8. You can check your Liquid account for reward distribution

Note: You can earn additional rewards by referring your friends and completing some simple tasks to earn HYDRO or QASH tokens.


If you have been waiting for any Airdrop event in the year 2024, then here is a good piece of news for you. The HYDRO Airdrop event is taking place and you can also take part in it. The steps that you must follow for the same have been given in the section above for your convenience. Make sure that you create a Liquid account to claim your rewards.